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Active Directory - Query User Filter Properties

We are needing to use the Active Directory Query Users Control to pull emails for staff members based off their Location/Office and Job Title. With t...

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ProMapp Looping In Process Due to Decisions

I understand the ProMapp is to help make Process more simplify but not all business processes are in a linear fashion. With that being said, has any...

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NWC Document Generation - OneDrive for Business

We have been trying to work with Document Generation insided Workflow Cloud. With this we are trying to grab templates from employees personal One Dr...

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Send an Email CC Issue

We have built a workflow in Nintex Workflow Cloud that uses the Send An Email control. In the workflow we have variables (text) that get set with an ...

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Nintex Workflow updating an Microsoft Access Datab...

We have a Microsoft Access Database that contains user option data. We want to be able to have a user make a form selection that will have a wor...

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Participating In

Nintex Workflow Cloud: Data Lookup Control

We know that form designers are always looking for ways to improve the experience of form participants. Form designers want to increase the likeliho...

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How to build a JSON

Hi everyone, I use nintex Xtension to interact with Google Sheet V4 API. In the body request I need to send JSON structure, but I don't know ...

  • By nico
  • August 22, 2019  07:56
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Support - What now?

New to Nintex. I was handed an environment that kept "hanging" when processing the lazy approvals. I do not know if it is SharePoint or Nintex c...

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New Feature - Document Generation On Premises :)

It's here! No longer will you need to mess around with Word Automation Services or Office Quick Parts. Dynamic Document Generation for Nintex Wor...

  • By cgellis
  • December 08, 2016  16:02
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Nintex From - Tab Menu?

Hello I was wondering if Nintex does offer the option to create a Menu Tab within a form? I have a form which is quite long due to the amou...

  • By bimi82
  • November 04, 2016  00:52
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