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Make a box mandatory if either one of the two cond...

A multi-outcome task form has 3 choices in the decision box, A,B,C. One rule is to make a box mandatory if B is selected in decision box. ...

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Flexi Task form displayed as SharePoint ToDo task ...

When click on task list >edit item (same as click in task notification email), A SharePoint ToDo task form showed up, instead of the Flexi Tas...

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Can't see Rules built for flexi task form

I have built rules in a task form embedded in Flexi Task action in a Workflow a few monthes ago. But now I can't see the rules when in Task Form ...

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Formula with two Or and one And not working

This formula is not working for this requirement: only displays if Request Type=Add New Supplier OR =Activate Supplier AND Vendor Confirmatio...

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Formula to make a field mandatory on condition A o...

I tried this formula but it did not work to make a field mandatory on condition: it must have a value if Request type=Add New Supplier or Request...

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Force text to uppercase

How can I either have text entered in a form saved in upper case to my Share Point list or in my workflow when I create a email force the Item Pr...

  • By doland
  • August 18, 2017  13:21
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Set field value when list item creator has read pe...

Hello Experts, I have business requirement for travel request approval. User submit travel request it will go to his manager for approval. if...

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Remove edit permissions after submission

I'm looking for a little bit of best practice / guidance here. When a form is submitted, I want to stop the initiator from editing the form to...

  • By gerardh
  • August 18, 2016  19:54
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Using validation rules to ensure a comments box is...

The Scenario: When a task is rejected, ensure the user cannot submit before including a comment. Crestan, a business management company has d...

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  • July 01, 2014  18:43
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