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Can I limit access to who can publish a form?

I have some users who I have trained to build forms and workflows using Nintex on-premises. I would like to be able to allow the users to design...

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Can I access workflow tasks from Nintex Live?

I have created a custom workflow for a process at my work and I have run into an issue. The workflow creates several tasks for users to complete...

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Using form variables with single line textbox

I have a form where I want to query the user profile to get the user name and work phone values out of SP user profile service. I know this can ...

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Make POST - Web Request on dropdown change event i...

Hi, Is there a way to call Web Request - Post method on drop down change event in Nintex Forms ? This is my scenario, I have two drop d...

  • By nchamid
  • February 23, 2017  10:59
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Custom validation function not fired on repeating ...

Hi everybody, After trying to resolve my problem with the Nintex support, they suggest to me to create this question on dev talk. In fact, th...

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Paging issue in the listview control

In one of the list view form I am referring another list using list view control. when I click on the next for the paging then I am getting the e...

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can you set who the email is sent from in a workfl...

I am trying to find out if you can set the "FROM" email option in a workflow. This is for SharePoint Online. Thanks Dorinda

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  • February 24, 2015  12:17
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Anonymous access

We would like to add Nintex Forms to a public website. Now I am wondering what the most recommended way of working would be: Anonymous acce...

  • By glenda
  • September 29, 2014  04:10
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