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Workflow database getting cluttered

Hi,I have some workflows that generate a lot of WorkflowProgress records in the Nintex Workflow database.Can I do something to have these automatically be cleared out after a while, or not be generate...

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Show Attached Images in View Form

Hi,I have a form that I use for construction site inspections. I am using the "Attachments" control to take pictures and store them on the form.My questions are:1) How can I make a View form that show...

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Filtering large List Lookup dropdowns

Often you will see forms that contain List Lookup controls that draw their data from some list in Sharepoint that contains hundreds or even thousands of elements. This gives the user a less-than-frien...

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Nintex Forms and Javascript - Form Variables

Hi guys,I am struggling with accessing the value of a form value from Javascript. How can I do this?Note: I am not talking about the value of an input control - here I am aware about the "Store client...

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Nintex Forms: How to disable or hide option in Choice control?

I have a form with a Choice control. It has a number of choices, and I need some of them to be either hidden or disabled based on some condition. In my case the condition is something like fn-IsMembe...

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Can I download the new verion of Nintex Forms known as "zinc"

I recently received a link to a YouTube demo of a new version of forms, code named "Zinc".I was told that this is now available for download, butdon't see it inversions available for download.

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Enable workflow to start from the item menu

Many of you, like me, will have seen and used this feature many times. What does it do? Well it allows you to add a shortcut to your start workflow page directly on the item context menu.These are the...

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Caml-Query Dropdowns (very large List Lookup dropdown)

According to Leif Frederiksen‌ last post Filtering large List Lookup dropdowns...‌I had the problem with a real big dropdown (nearly 20.000 entries). So the code of Leif was not suitable for me becaus...

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Create a Custom Action for Nintex Workflow 2013

Did you knowyou can create a custom action in Nintex Workflow 2013 using Visual Studio and the Nintex 2013 Platform SDK. With a custom action, you can:insert your function into a Nintex workflowpass d...

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Nintex Form With Deleted Lookup Value

I have a problem that was not there before installing the latest updates as I remember.I have a form with a List Lookup control that works fine until the selected lookup value gets deleted from the lo...

In Nintex for SharePoint
  • Posted by omourad
  • | August 16, 2016 08:35
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