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How to disable text boxes based on multiple sharep...

Hi, I am trying to disable set of text boxes for regular users, the text boxes should be enabled for user belongs to specific groups (5 admin gro...

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Nintex Drawloop & Nintex connector features

Need help to understand below, 1) Nintex Drawloop - Is it included as part of standard nintex or enterprise nintex workflow license ? if not w...

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Task status - not started. Can i use pause inside ...

i have a parallel approval scenario, where a task needs to be approved by all.. users are complaining that they are getting a task locked messag...

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validation rule on dropdown control

I need to apply a validation rule on dropdown control. is there any easy way to use Nintex "Rules" ? Condition i need to check is - fire the val...

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Error executing inline (fn-Trim) function.

I am getting below error, Failed to send notification. Error executing inline (fn-Trim) function. Check that the correct arguments have been p...

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Announcing the Nintex Forms On Prem 2013 SDK

Hi Nintex Community, I'm a new(ish) programmer/writer at Nintex. Well, I'm not so new, but I still have bubble wrap clinging to my legs. I'm wor...

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Break on through the firewall for Nintex Mobile

Updated Please refer to this KB article La...

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I can feel it coming in the air...App Deploy has a...

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to automate your processes. And with automating processes comes the need to support the work habit...

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The infamous "failed to run" errors in t...

Symptoms You may have seen following error "[workflow name] failed to run" in the workflow history list of your workflow. The strangest pa...

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  • August 28, 2015  15:16
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Redirecting the user from the task list page after...

A common request we receive is how to redirect the task list page to a specific page after completing a task from the ‘Respond to this task’ lin...

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  • February 19, 2015  12:07
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