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Assign permissions when delegating tasks

Hi all,I'm hoping someone might have some tips on an issue I'm having.We've built a custom HR solution. Due to it's nature, all of the records are locked down via security in one form or another, incl...

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Strings - when spaces aren't spaces

Hi,I've got a 3 separate lists that update a 4th stock list. All of the workflows update the stock list by performing a lookup on a text string in the list.My issue is that when combining variables, s...

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Attach workflows to the UPS

Hi all, this is a random question and not necessarily related directly to Nintex workflow.Does anyone know if it's possible to create or attach workflows directly to the user profile service in ShareP...

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Approve / reject buttons in infopath form

I recall a couple of years ago I set up a few infopath forms with approve / reject buttons in, that would then approve or reject the nintex approval task. (This was with Nintex WF 2010).I've been look...

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Extract text from email

Hi,I'm building a helpdesk system and have most of it working. What I'm having issues with is getting the content out of a 'reply' email that goes into the system. Currently, the full body of the emai...

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Holiday Booking Workflow: Excluding Weekends & Public Holidays

Here is one approach to creating a holiday booking workflow that excludes weekends and bank holidays. The logic of this workflow is based on creating a collection variable containing the date range of...

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  • Posted by ms
  • | May 18, 2016 07:53
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Defensive Workflow Design Part 3 - Separation of Concerns

Planning aheadWhen designing a fairly complex workflow/business process it is common for a workflow to become overly complex (in programming this is often referred to as a god object). This can lead t...

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Capture LazyApproval response as workflow variable?

Using Nintex Workflow 2010. First time working with LazyApproval. Got it installed and functioning. I've got th...

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  • Posted by Anonymous
  • | October 23, 2014 16:39
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