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Run Stored Procedure

I have an Azure SQL database and an on-premise nintex workflow environment. I would like to use an Execute SQL action to run a stored procedure (...

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Default Value for List Lookup

I have a SharePoint List, Swimlanes, that has 3 columns: Title, Person, Product Group. Example: Title Person Product Group Tit...

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Workflow Design Help

I am a bit stuck on the design of this workflow.... Background: The users want to submit a form that gets routed for approval. In the for...

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Can I have a dynamically updated task name for req...

I have a request review action will gathers reviews from a dynamic number of approvers. That works great. I would like to create a unique task na...

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How do I udpate a mutliline text field on button c...

I am looking to update a multiline text field with additional text at the beginning of the field based on a button click in Nintex Forms. For...

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