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Multi-Level cascading lookups using a single list and Forms 2013

Hi,I am working on a project where we need to identify and inspectunderground workplaces in a mine. To do this we need to work through at least five levels of lookups trying to find a specific record ...

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  • Posted by leonh
  • | March 06, 2017 20:20
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Where can I download the Nintex 2013 SDKs?

Hi,I'm looking for the Nintex Forms2013and Workflow 2013 SDKs. All the links that I found refers me to the documentation. Are the actual SDKs only available through Product Downloads?

In Nintex for SharePoint
  • Posted by leonh
  • | February 23, 2017 23:27
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Annual Patch Calendar (February 2017 Mission)

Good day,This was an interesting problem that I’ve actually encountered a few times.I’ve created a site workflow that can be scheduled to run once a year. By populating a collection with values from 1...

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  • Posted by leonh
  • | February 16, 2017 05:35
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Check item exists before adding

Morning allSo I have a ridiculous requirement whereby I have to copy items from ListA to ListB if a condition is met in ListA. i.e. if new item added to ListA with status of Live then copy to ListB. L...

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Nintex Workflow Visio Shape Collection

Nintex Workflow Visio Shape Collection-Initial ReleaseCheck out the asset in-Nintex Workflow Visio Stencil Sheet FeaturesEasy to mock up workflow designs in Visio prior to development work.OpenSourceA...

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Nintex Workflow Transaction

Hi,We have a workflow having some actions that performs some external sql server database operation(insert,updateetc)using Call Web Service action.1. Does Nintex workflow support Transaction ? If sql ...

In Nintex for SharePoint
  • Posted by nintexdp
  • | March 01, 2017 05:24
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