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reset people picker field

I have a Nintex workflow and I want to reset the value to people picker field. I know there are a lot of posts around it which suggest setting the va...

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How to customize email actionable template in Shar...

Hi, I’m using Nintex workflow in SharePoint Online, where I’m creating a task and sending email actionable. Here I would like to know followi...

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Is it possible to load People Picker field on a Ni...

I want to load a people picker field with JavaScript in Nintex Online Form in O365. I just have the login name of a user (looks like i: 0#.f...

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fn-FormatDate Function always returning the entire...

I'm sure I'm doing something ridiculous here. I am simply trying to format a date. So for example, I use the following function to format the C...

  • By lyont
  • May 19, 2016  07:23
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