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Changing permission according to a query

I would like to change every permission of items that are created by specific user.When making the WF with the query:<Query> <Lists> <List ID="..." /> </Lists> <ViewFields&g...

In Nintex for SharePoint
  • Posted by eyalseg
  • | October 14, 2018 03:43
  • Views 689
  • Replies 1

form is empty on display mode

In my computer I can see the form perfect - explorer 11.0.70 and so is it in chrome;In other - just for part of the forms, the display mode is not visible and other are working well.When checking thei...

In Nintex for SharePoint
  • Posted by eyalseg
  • | October 11, 2018 00:32
  • Views 1032
  • Replies 2

Format date - set the language

The day name in the format of "dddd" is in English, How can I change it?Is there a way to use something like "Date.toLocaleDateString()" of js?

In Nintex for SharePoint
  • Posted by eyalseg
  • | September 04, 2018 22:05
  • Views 647
  • Replies 0

Use permisission of other user on lookup - in a form

I want to check if a request for the same person (and other conditions...) is exist in other list of the form.The problem is that every user can see one list, but just few have permission for the list...

In Nintex for SharePoint
  • Posted by eyalseg
  • | July 10, 2018 08:34
  • Views 712
  • Replies 1

Show fields according appearence in a list

I want to show controls for specific users that are in a list.The list has field of: "sector" - text field, and: "owner" - PP field.I want to show the control for users from the right sector (DDL cont...

In Nintex for SharePoint
  • Posted by eyalseg
  • | August 01, 2018 05:43
  • Views 565
  • Replies 0
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How to integrate AngularJS with Nintex form?

How do I embed the angularJS code in the Nintex form?angularjsform

In Nintex for Office 365
  • Posted by szam
  • | August 18, 2017 01:41
  • Views 2125
  • Replies 6

Date and Time Format Strings - Quick Reference Guide

I've been referencing the MSDN articles a lot recently on Date and Time format strings and sometimes I get confused by the many options and sometimes these formats do not carry over or function. So I ...

In Community Blogs
  • Posted by andrewg
  • | August 11, 2015 07:57
  • Views 102047
  • Replies 35