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401: Unauthorized Error while publishing the WF

Hello, Some of the users in our SP 2016 farm, with right set of permissions, have issues publishing a WF if it has 'Assign Flexi Task' action. ...

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Working with date and time

Hello everyone, I have a Nintex form with the following fields: In Prior Date & Time Relieved: the first control is the standard d...

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Error while approving tasks through Lazy Approval

Hello All, I am having a few issues when a user tries to respond to a task using Lazy Approval. If they respond using Lazy Approval, the workf...

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Workflow failed to run after certain duration

Hello All, I use Nintex Workflows for SharePoint 2016 on-prem. Since past couple of weeks I have been getting "Workflow_Name failed to run" er...

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Email Notifications with Nintex Workflow

Hello, I am a beginner to using Nintex Workflows. I am using it for SharePoint 2016 on premises. I was just testing a simple approval Workflow. ...

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How do I capture the Workflow Task ID

I have an assign flexi task within a workflow. I would like to capture the Workflow Task ID to use in the flexi task reminder email but I am una...

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Nintex Workflow got cancelled

Hi, Nintex Workflow got cancelled, and completed. When task is assigned to some person, he does not take any action, but workflow failed and c...

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Nintex workflow Multi Outcome Task issue

Dear Community, I am using Nintex workflow "Assign Flexi task" for the approval process, and use the default "Nintex workflow Multi Outcome T...

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