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What are the differences between a Switch and Set a Condition?

We have a checkbox for users to re-route form approvals to a different department (they can have two bosses) on most of our forms. I'm trying to decided whether or not to use a Switch or Set a Conditi...

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StartWorkflowOnListItem Web Service not passing variables

I am using the StartWorkflowOnListItem web service to start a child workflow. In my tests, the configuration below works correctly and starts the child workflow.When I check the child workflow, all th...

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Does unchecking Allow Delegation in a task take away the ability to delegate it throu

If I uncheck Allow Delegation in a workflow task, will I still be able to delegate that task using web services DelegateTask method? I have some users that have the permission level to see the delegat...

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How can my workflow be completed and still running at the same time?

I have a UDA for our basic approvals that includes an End Workflow if the item is rejected:It runs fine and completes all the rejected actions. But, on the SharePoint history list, it shows that the w...

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July Mission - What's your favorite workflow action and why?

We all have something we use more often than others, and this month it's all about Nintex Workflow action love. What Nintex Workflow action is your favorite and why?Is it an action you use most freque...

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  • Posted by Anonymous
  • | July 01, 2015 10:57
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June Mission - What is something in your life you wish you could turn into a workflow

This month, I wanted to throw a question to you. It's about how you'd want to #nintexify your life if you could. You've all seen how Nintex can help with business processes, and making your work life ...

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  • Posted by Anonymous
  • | June 02, 2015 14:06
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Get Task History and display on your form.

Here is a little Holiday treat for everyone.. The Nintex Web Service I still believe is a little golden nugget rarely utilised.. I was presented this issue the other day from a prospective customer, a...

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  • Posted by dan_stoll
  • | December 23, 2014 17:44
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