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Nintex Form back end shows one layout but the prev...

Hello! I'm in the final stages of the development of my Nintex Form. While the rules have been the hardest to learn for me what's more frustratin...

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validation rule challenges - won't recognize c...

Hello! With all my formula questions it was advised to me to try to break them down and test each part and as they are successful put them toget...

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Nintex Form is printing 15 pages and it should onl...

Hello! I'm testing my new Nintex Form and one of things that I wanted to check was the printing (every request is printed which I know seems lik...

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answers to questions aren't sticking in Nintex...

Hello! I am in the testing phase of my new Nintex form. We answered a required question (we can't go on without answering it) and when we went ba...

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Validation Formula Help - contains and multiple op...

Hello! In my Nintex form I have 3 distribution types where the user should indicate a letter code. I tried doing all 3 situations in one formu...

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Validation Around Hidden Elements

Summary How to configure a Rules to only validate if controls are visible. Symptom Nintex Forms Validation will still trigger on hidden form...

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Forms 2013 - Minor version limit exceeded

I am getting an error when trying to preview my Nintex 2013 Form about Minor version limit exceeded. How can I delete old versions of my form? ...

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  • August 12, 2014  07:41
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