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Get start and end of week in Workflow

Hi Everyone is there to get the start and end of the week if given current date? for example, if I use Feb 02, 2018, I want to get the star...

  • By jhong88
  • February 02, 2018  14:59
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Count List Items based on User Name

Hi Everyone I have a SP list with the following columns Assigned to Due Date I want to query the list based on the due date then count ...

  • By jhong88
  • January 31, 2018  10:30
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SharePoint People Picker and Shared Mailboxes

Hi Everyone I suspect that this issue may not be a Nintex issue. but I'll try here anyway. I have a list that has a People / Group picker fie...

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Form Validation and Workflow Updates

I have built a form that also has a SharePoint form Validation formula. This validation formula works fine when I: Create a new form Update a...

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Site Workflow:run under different user

I have created a few site workflows that have been schedule to run at various times throughout the day. I've recently noticed that when the job ...

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Send grouped notification based on list items

Hi, Often here on the forum someone asks how to send a notification based on a list/library grouping items instead of sending one email for ea...

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