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Cascading List Lookup Issue in Nintex Mobile

Hi there, I've downloaded the most recent version of Nintex Mobile for Windows 8/10. Unfortunately there seems to be an issue with when you mave...

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Nintex Mobile Deep Linking: Prepopulating a list l...

Hi there, I'm currently trying to create a deep link for Nintex Mobile that would pre populate a list lookup field. The pre populating feature...

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Using Nintex Form Runtime Lookup Function to popul...

Hello, I've currently got a requirement to populate some editable controls in the form with a value based on the result of a lookup to anothe...

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Permissions to run Workflows

Hi I have developed an Office form and workflow in a team site but want to open this so that "Everyone except External users" can execute t...

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How do I create a format in a multi line column?

I created a SharePoint list and had a column for POC (Point of Contact). This column has a multi-line for multiple contacts involved. However, up...

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  • July 06, 2016  14:36
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Where can I learn about using custom javascript in...

I'm not allowed to do anything but use custom javascript to create a switch calculated value. I am new to all of this. Where can I learn what NWF...

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  • July 06, 2016  10:08
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Link custom form with Nintex Workflow

I know Nintex Form offers a cool user interface helping people to design better UI form and link to Nintex Workflow. Similarly out-of-the-box Sha...

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  • July 05, 2016  19:51
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Add to Calendar Button

Hello, I am currently building a workflow for an event registration form. My workflow works great, it is sending emails as expected to the ap...

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