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Nintex Form Variable Type field not populating

I'm trying to set a Form Variable on my List form, when I open up the window the Type dropdown field is empty. Is there a setting or something that I...

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Nintex Sign System Requirements

I'm trying to get Nintex Sign set up and working in my environment and I can't find the system/Nintex version requirements. My Environment: Share...

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Workflow and Forms icons disappear from ribbon onl...

During a patching disaster one of our 3 WFE's got dropped from the farm. When added back the Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms icons refuse to sho...

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Product Requirements

Hi, we have a SP 2013 Enterprise On Premise Farm (and we're using Nintex WF for SP) that ha: 1 Front End 1 App Server 1 Search Server 1 Data...

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