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Capturing SQL Execute a query error still not solv...

So this morning about 100 of my workflow instances errored due to a 5min network error trying to connect to our SQL server. (The firewall needed an e...

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How to I set a sharepoint online date column to be...

In NWC using the update items action I want to set the value of a date column to be empty. I have an assets list which staff check out and chec...

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New My Nintex - start form 'File downloads are...

In the new My Nintex I'm getting an issue with 'File downloads are disabled - Administrators can enable file downloads.'. I have an NWC start f...

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Assign a task to multiple users is case sensitive ...

Hi everyone, Thought I would let you know of an issue I've just run into. It looks like the 'Assign a task to multiple users' action is case se...

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Cloudmersive convert doc to pdf in NWC - Which pla...

Hi Is anyone else using the cloudmersive pdf converter action in NWC? If so which plan are you using or which plan is the minimum required? ...

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Using JSON Action to Upload a File

This is the closest question (no answer) I have found:

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Nintex Workflow Cloud Form: How to except a comma ...

I have a Choice field on my form, and the choices are supposed to be (Last Name followed by Comma and Credential). Example: Choice 1: George, MD...

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User Context Variables - NWC Starting Form

Hi all, I've noticed in the 'What's New': 'Highlights from Release 129', that user context is now available in NWC forms: User Context ...

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Nintex Workflow Cloud Blob URL Expiration

I have a component workflow in NWC that I am calling from a custom web app via Web APIs. Part of this request involves uploading files to NWC, which ...

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Trying to implement Get Tasks action

I have a workflow where I added a Get Tasks action on a parallel path with Assign Task action. The Get Task action stores the results in an Object d...

  • By artmov
  • June 01, 2021  14:41
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