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get a return receipt from an email sent in a workf...

Trying to create a workflow that will send a return receipt to a list when someone looks at an email they received from a workflow?

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Choose new or update a form / than pick form to up...

I have list and in the form I have two tabs that ask the employee if they would like to update an existing form or start a new one. I can not seem ...

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combine two list lockup choices into one field on ...

List a has Topic / Category &IssueToCover and List B needs RACI which combines all three as the title. I have used a list look up cascade to...

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Workflow to sum total in another list and update o...

I have two list and a workflow. List A has a "overall risks no" column ranging from 1-6 with 6 being the highest. column "Preavg" is the amount of ho...

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sum multiple line items to another list under cond...

=SUMIFS(field6,field2,"11",field3,"10") Need a workflow that queries list A Looks in Field 1 to see if it contains the number 11 And Looks in...

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Can NINTEX workflow read an email body from a emai...

Hi there, I have a document library which will have emails coming in with information I need in the body. Is there a way that NINTEX can par...

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  • February 26, 2016  05:46
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