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Set a People picker value using JavaScript

Hi there, I have a people picker filed on my form, it's ClientID is: ciMyPeople. I want to fill it with different values based on another fiel...

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Can I use a master CSS file to manage the style of...

Can I use a centralized CSS sheet file to manage the style of multiple Nintex forms. This is for Nintex on-prem 2013.

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Nintex Mobile App - Issues with Filtering on Form ...

I have a SharePoint 2010 site that houses a form which contains cascading drop-downs. Both the Desktop and Mobile apps work fine with my forms un...

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Nintex App Studio App for long form

Hi all, I am tasked to make Nintex Mobile app for customer already have Nintex Enterprise. I need your suggestions on this Chall...

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nintex mobile app

Hi, I am using nintex mobile app and I have logged in using my corporate account, but no forms appear the app just shows blank? can someone help?...

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