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Detail on Product Download notes

Hi, We have noted on the Product Downloads page, that under the current release, ther eis a reference to "SharePoint 2013 CU Version July 2015...

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Deleting NintexWorkflowHistory

Hi All, I'm currently having issues with deleting the NintexWorkflowHistory List content. In the Site Settings > Manage Workflow History Li...

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Excel Mid Function Equivalent?

Does anyone know if Nintex has and equivalent to the Excel Mid function? I have a column with set number of characters but I need to extract onl...

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How can I make attachments required if a particula...

I have very little JS knowledge. I can follow some, but am lost with most. So I've read a similar question, only rather than a checkbox, the ex...

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Multiple notifications sent instead of a single no...

Hello all, I will try to explain my problem with the aid of the snags below, the actions above are working properly, the request is submitte...

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repeating section on task form randomly loses data...

I'm having an issue with a task form which was modified to look exactly like the list item form. The list item form has a repeating section that...

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isNullorEmpty rule condition not working

In Nintex form, I have disabled a button with rule condition isNullorEmpty(textfield) based on another text field. If the text field is empty o...

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