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how to auto select option field in Load of NIntex ...

Once we select value from the dropdown, the option field should be autoselected. The dropdown is Lookup. How to achieve it. can anyone ple...

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Can we send mail based on condition

I have three lists List 1 , List 2, List 3 In second List 2 sending mail notification to user.list 1 data copied to list 2, i will get notifica...

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how to resolve "Unspecified error" in Ca...

How to resolve below issue. whenever i call web service , iam getting below error every time. if i try this url in the browser , i can able to re...

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how to compare list item 1 with list item 2 using ...

How to compare previous value with current value in nintex workflow. if current value equals to old value i need to set field value.

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how to compare list items and delete duplicate dat...

list has some columns if i create new item in the list with same data it should compare and delete duplicate data and create in another list. th...

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