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How to validate fields on button click

Hi All,I have to validate the below fields on button click, i know people are referring to have Yes/No control and implement it. But my client is enforcing me to use button only. I have also proposed ...

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Show text box only based on click on choice button

Hi All,I have a choice field with radio button, if i select others, then text field should display, if i select application, there will be one panel which needs to be displayed, if i select infrastruc...

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Restrict text field to accept only numbers and dots

Hi I would like to restrict the field with numbers and dots(.) using RegEx expressions.Please guide me. For example, this is actually an IP Address10.111.123.2310.111.151.150

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why are red outline borders still existing even after having the data in the fields

Hi I have required fields, filled the data into them and trying to submit the form, but still that red outline border is displaying. I am able to submit the form. I don't want to show that red outline...

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How to auto populate manager's name on changing the another people picker

Hi All,I want to change the manager name on changing the another people picker.On opening the page the current logged in user's manager name it will pickup, but if in case i want to change the "Reques...

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Panel show/hide based on click on choice button

I've three panels and all three panels have different fields, Here I want to show/hide based on click on choice button. For example :- 1) Hardware Form 2) Software Form 3) General Form.So if user will...

In Nintex for SharePoint
  • Posted by Anonymous
  • | December 28, 2015 07:07
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Repeated Section to Plain Text

Hello,**********I strongly suggest you review Repeating section as html tableIts easier and more efficient than this.**********I've been searching alot for something simple to convert or decode the xm...

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  • Posted by inimri
  • | November 08, 2015 09:31
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Regular Expressions in Nintex Workflow

The Regular Expression action is an extremely powerful action for splitting text, replacing text or getting data out of text. Don't be worried about not knowing how to put Regular Expressions together...

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