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Restrict text field to accept only numbers and dot...

Hi I would like to restrict the field with numbers and dots(.) using RegEx expressions. Please guide me. For example, this is actually an IP Add...

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How to auto populate manager's name on changin...

Hi All, I want to change the manager name on changing the another people picker. On opening the page the current logged in user's manager na...

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why are red outline borders still existing even af...

Hi I have required fields, filled the data into them and trying to submit the form, but still that red outline border is displaying. I am able to...

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Unable to make mandatory/required field in the for...

Hi All, I am not able to make mandatory or required field through rule - isNullOrEmpty( HostName ), I don't want to do from list level. Pl...

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why do my controls jum around when i apply rules

Hi All, I have a choice field with check boxes with multiple selection, but when i select multiple, my controls jump around. I have written rule...

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Panel show/hide based on click on choice button

I've three panels and all three panels have different fields, Here I want to show/hide based on click on choice button. For example :- 1) Hardwar...

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  • December 28, 2015  07:07
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Repeated Section to Plain Text

Hello, ********** I strongly suggest you review Repeating section as html table Its easier and more efficient than this. ********** ...

  • By inimri
  • November 08, 2015  09:31
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Regular Expressions in Nintex Workflow

The Regular Expression action is an extremely powerful action for splitting text, replacing text or getting data out of text. Don't be worried a...

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