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alternative to using on premise "List ID"...

Can someone please show me how to configure this same workflow in O365? I have a workflow built for my on-premises site that works great…but it utili...

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Date Control not present when publishing O365 form...

The fields are clearly date fields when in eidt mode, but it disappears in the preview/published view. This is a form that works fine on premis...

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Change Background of Form Fields in View Mode

I've created a form in Nintex, however when viewing the information for the form it absorbs the background colour I've set. I was hoping there was a...

  • By brieete
  • October 17, 2019  23:11
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Embedded repeating section

Hello, I am trying to create a form that allows a user to raise and issue an action. I am using a repeating section to try and achieve this. T...

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Attachment control is missing in the form

Hello, I created a Form. It is based on a user defined site content type. I don't know if I deleted the attachment control, but now I can't f...

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Querying and looping through a collection in O365

Hi everyone, I'm having trouble querying and sending items. It's my first time using the Nintex workflow O365 and I am not used to it and som...

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How do I have a usable hyperlink in a form field i...

I have a list that I am using as a master task list for tasks related to audit findings. The workflow will run and send a series of notifications...

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