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Updating a field when comparing one date variable ...

Hi I've got a field on a list called 'OS End of Date'. I have a loop on a workflow which stores the dates in a variable called 'Loop'. Then I ...

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Where is Nintex picking up the CC name from?

Hi I've inherited a workflow which sends alerts users an overdue reminder on a task. The alert is CC'ing someone's manager into the alerts and...

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Compairing two date variables and updating a field...

I have two lists Operating Systems and Servers. Operating Systems has a date field called 'End of Life'. In the Servers list there is a field cal...

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Comparing two date fields in two different lists

I have a list called Operating System which has a date field called ‘End of Life’ . I have a second list called Servers which has a field called...

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Site workflow to alert when a set time has elapsed...

Hi wonderful Nintexers I have an Applications list which has a End of Life column. What I need to happen is that a RAG Status column is updat...

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Site Workflow - Document Review Date Approaching R...

I tried searching for site workflow examples on the forum and I didn't see a tremendous amount, so I thought I would write about a simple site wo...

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