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A potentially dangerous Request.Form value

Hello, I am creating a section in a form enabling user to request quote for item(s). Each item is a row in a repeating section and has several op...

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Tabbed Repeating Section

Hello, well I have form to input product(s) request. A product has by several fields to deifne it's charateristics, and those are grouped in a ...

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Lazy Approval - Remote endpoint returned an error

Hello Recently, I stopped being able to complete my tasks using the Lazy Approval. Whenever I click any of the actions, I get the below error me...

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The supplied DateTime represents an invalid time. ...

Hello guys Today, and out of sudden I start receiving the below error when I try to create a new item; although I did not change anything neit...

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Business Days / Working Hours

Hi guys, The only action in workflow O365 that contains business hours is "Pause.." action. Is there any workaround to calculate a Due Date o...

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