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Append variables to a multiline text field

Hi, I have an audit section in my form which can be updated multiple times until a condition is met (i.e. it is in 'Completion' and the 'Compl...

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Set Checkboxes to Yes based on two conditions

Hi, In my form I would like to set a series of checkboxes to yes depending on the value of two other choice fields: Applicable Gate and Typ...

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Workflow Error - Created By no longer exists

Hi, I had a scenario recently where I had to cancel a workflow on an item so I could run the latest version on it. Every time I tried to star...

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State Machine advice

Hi! I'm tying myself up in knots trying to figure out the best way to deal with a secondary approval cycle. Firstly - is it ok to add a sta...

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How to retain Initiator following workflow restart...

Hi! I have had a situation where I've had to cancel a running workflow on an item due to a necessary workflow amendment. When I ran the new...

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Repeating Section in Nintex Workflow

Hi, I'm creating a "Subscribe Newsletter Form" in Nintex Forms, where I'm using a repeating section with a People Control. How can I extract ...

  • By hadri94
  • December 27, 2017  04:19
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Can't populate text control with calculated va...

I have seen similar questions like this asked but it seems none of the solutions I've seen and tried work. I have a People Picker control th...

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Make fields "required" and disable "...

I came around this during my last custom project and didn't find an out of the box function or any info when searching here on Connect for an ans...

  • By rubi
  • November 27, 2014  04:53
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Using validation rules to ensure a comments box is...

The Scenario: When a task is rejected, ensure the user cannot submit before including a comment. Crestan, a business management company has d...

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  • July 01, 2014  18:43
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