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Nintex Workflow Copy Item Failed, No Error, Workflow Completed

I have a workflow that is using Copy Item to take from a main SharePointList A and copy item to List B, and then notifies the initiator that their request has been received. This works most of the tim...

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Site Workflow needs to run on multiple libraries. Shall I have multiple site workflo

I have aparent(site)workflow that triggers a child (library) workflow. This will need to be replicated across multiple (three) libraries, all of which are similar in the data gathered, just segregated...

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Calculate third Monday of a month

Hello,I want to calculate the third Monday of the month an item is created in a list and mark the item as non compliant if it is created after the third Monday. I have tried to calculate the "3rd Mond...

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Advice Please - Creating a Task List that is Updated

I have a requirement to automate a task list we have within SharePoint. Currently, I have a simple task last which are assigned to individuals. It includes a 'Task Status' column with 'Assigned', 'In-...

In Nintex for SharePoint
  • Posted by hejones50
  • | December 17, 2018 07:24
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Cascading Dropdowns not working.

Hello everybody,recently I got the requirement to add filtering to certain dropdowns based on another dropdowns value.Since both of the dropdowns are list lookups and the second dropdown's source list...

In Nintex for SharePoint
  • Posted by lsmunch
  • | May 14, 2018 02:16
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Rules don't always seem to execute until after I save form

First off thanks to everyone who posts on this site. I have been able to figure out a great of tricks based on your posts!One problem I am having is the timing of rules. For instance, I have a form wh...

In Nintex for Office 365
  • Posted by slarsson
  • | May 09, 2018 07:02
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How to unhide a panel from a radio button choice

I'm attempting to unhide a panel that requires someone to check a box should the radio button for "Approved" be selected. The form is generated by a workflow approval. When the user select's "approved...

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