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Nintex Workflow Copy Item Failed, No Error, Workfl...

I have a workflow that is using Copy Item to take from a main SharePoint List A and copy item to List B, and then notifies the initiator that the...

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Site Workflow needs to run on multiple libraries. ...

I have a parent (site) workflow that triggers a child (library) workflow. This will need to be replicated across multiple (three) libraries, all...

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Trying to take "Workflow Tasks" approval...

Here's my task - I have a list that contains multiple approval sections. I'm supposed to take the comments (also called "Approver Comments", I be...

  • By danjact
  • November 04, 2020  10:44
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Workflow does not show calculated column for new i...

I have a Nintex workflow for a SharePoint 2013 list. The list has a "Due Date" date column and an "FY" calculated column. FY calculates the Fiscal Ye...

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New Responsive Designer Date Control

The date control created in the New Responsive Designer doesn't allow the user to type in a date, they can only use the calendar control. We have a f...

  • By AnneC
  • January 28, 2020  08:02
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Calculated Value based on conditions and adding da...

Hi, I am very new to Nintex and trying to create a calculated value on my form to display a date based on a condition that is listed in the col...

  • By dfox
  • September 11, 2019  13:35
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Calculate third Monday of a month

Hello, I want to calculate the third Monday of the month an item is created in a list and mark the item as non compliant if it is created after t...

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