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Hide Save Option on the Ribbon w/ CSS

If you have occasion to hide the Savebutton along the top of a Nintex Form in Office 365, below you will find some simple CSS that you can copy and paste into your Form Settings -> Custom CSS secti...

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Back to Basics - No To-Do or Request Data Tasks in O365? No problem!

So one of the questions I am often asked is from folks that would like to automate a process that is task driven but does not necessarily conform to a simple Approve / Reject set of outcomes. In Ninte...

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How to find a users AD account name based on a display name with the Query LDAP actio

Often times we have an Active Directory (AD) username that we need to find a users display name for. This type of lookup is well documented here on the Nintex Connect community site. But what about th...

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The Paper-less Office Is Alive and Well Thanks to Print to PDF

Let's be honest, people like to print things out. You know you do!Allow me to paint a picture... You just filled out that leave request form on your company's intranet and you simply can't resist clic...

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Linkin' Tasks or How to Get That Pesky Task Item URL

While Linkin' Taskscould certainly be the name of an amazing new alternative band, I would like to use this post to highlight a scenario that a fair amount of you may have faced while building a workf...

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Congrats to Our Community Champions!

Many thanks to the people who hit the top 25 on our community leaderboard in 2017!The top members of the leaderboardget there because oftheir contributions to the community. We reset the points to zer...

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  • Posted by Anonymous
  • | January 05, 2018 16:07
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Set Active Directory "accountExpires" to "Never"

Hi folks:This might be way easier than I think, but I can't find it.So, I set accountExpires all the time via the "update AD" action - but I've never had to blank it out before.How do I use that actio...

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  • Posted by rhia
  • | November 20, 2017 15:15
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Honor Roll: June 2017

You may recall that last monthwe started a new way of connecting you to the people who make noteworthy contributions to the community - an honor roll. The best way to really get a sense of their contr...

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  • Posted by Anonymous
  • | June 07, 2017 20:29
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Nintex Content Database Design and Mapping

Hi,My company is at the point of having to make adecision regarding the design of our content databases architecture for Nintex Workflows and Forms, and we are analyzing the 1 to 1 content database fo...

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Deploying with App Studio Using Ad Hoc

When deploying Nintex App Studio apps to iOS there are really good walkthroughs in the following posts.Generating a distribution certificate‌Generating a provisioning profile ‌Introducing Nintex App S...

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  • Posted by andrewg
  • | February 09, 2017 22:01
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