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Form UI Issue

I have a UI as below design. There are some component on different panel. Panel B and C will either display one and I use rule to control the pan...

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How to disable attaching Attachments in List?

Hi all, I have a list with attachment control and I have tried to add a rule to disable the attaching attachment feature, which allow the user t...

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Rules disable and hide vs Appearance visible and e...

In Nintex form, we can use Rules to disable or hide the component or use Appearance to visible or enabled the component. Since both method are pr...

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How many level of Expression for ?

Hi, I have the following expression set to the panel control. fn-And(fn-Not(fn-Equals( Status ,"0")), fn-Not(fn-IsNullOrEmpty( Assignee ))) ...

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Disable Attachment control in Flexi task Task Form...

Hi, I have a list, which allow user to attach documents. When I tried to custom the Task From by Nintex form for Flexi task, user are allowed ...

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