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All approvers in flexi task automatically set to &...

I created this workflow for a client about a year ago. Everything has been working as expected up until this last run. The purpose of the workflow is...

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Is it possible to use SharePoint's External AP...

This is a link to the API I was referencing. Has anyone done it? External sharing API for SharePoint and OneDrive for Business – Vesa "vesku" Ju...

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Black background on transparent images

I'm using a button where the type is set to an image. Purpose of the button is to open a modular that gives more information on a category. The i...

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FORMATTING AN HTML EMAIL WITH LIST ITEMS USING NINTEX “CALL WEB SERVICE” There are a few to many different ways to accomplish this, and I ...

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Does Nintex Forms (on prem) have a limit to the # ...

Currently having a really bad problem with form performance inside of the designer (loading the form from the list works fine). The form sometime...

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Viewing list form attachments on a task form on Ni...

Ok, I have spent days on this now. I am currently working with support as well. I even reached out to are account rep because if this is not poss...

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'Wait for Event in List Item' starts even ...

Hi there! I am using the 'Wait for Event in List Item' action in my Nintex Workflow and created a Workflow Variable with the GUID of the speci...

  • By mverw
  • January 11, 2018  03:46
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Keeping track of task history in office 365

Ok, I have really banged my head on this one. When I used Winshuttle in the past it was easy to attach the workflow task history. I understand th...

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validation rule challenges - won't recognize c...

Hello! With all my formula questions it was advised to me to try to break them down and test each part and as they are successful put them toget...

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Validation Formula Help - contains and multiple op...

Hello! In my Nintex form I have 3 distribution types where the user should indicate a letter code. I tried doing all 3 situations in one formu...

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