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Parent Workflow aborting - error message = Failed ...

I am having a problem with a Parent/Child Workflow in Nintex Workflow for SharePoint. The Parent is a list workflow that captures several dat...

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Workflow Task Form not displaying

I have a Nintex SharePoint workflow with a Request Approval action item. The action item in the workflow has a Task Content type - "Nintex work...

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Publishing a Workflow Task Form

I am trying to alter and publish a task form inside a workflow Request Approval Action item. The publish button is not showing? Any insight or a...

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Display First Name Last Name in Workflow email tex...

I am using Nintex workflow to notify the parties via email the parties involved in Person fields. I would like to set the email text to displa...

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NinTex Form conflict with InfoPath Form

I have a Custom List that I had developed a Nintex Form for. I inadvertently created and pulblished an InfoPath form for the same Custom list. No...

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Build a SharePoint list for your Nintex Workflow o...

This short tutorial will demonstrate how to create a SharePoint list for a leave request in Nintex Workflow 2013 or 2016. Once that list has bee...

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  • May 11, 2014  18:01
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