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Call Web Service action Encoding issue

Hi, I have SharePoint list with Rich text column "Description". I am calling Web service action in Nintex workflow with Description Column value...

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Archive SharePoint list item with Nintex workflow ...

I wan to archive SharePoint list items based on created date + 1year with nintex workflow history. History is much needed for auditing purpose. L...

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My Workflow tasks webpart Unexpected Error

Dear All, I added Nintex - My Workflows tasks web part to a page. The web part is showing data perfectly, however it logs unexpected error in...

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send individually addressed notification is not wo...

I want to send email notification to all users in group as separate email. I know I can use "Send Notification addressed notification" option to ...

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Wait for item update Action Randomly ended up with...

My workflow has approval action, Update item followed by wait for item update action. Some times at wait for item update action is ended up with...

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