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Nintex Office 365 Query User Profile - Need Manage...

How can I retrieve the Manager info for a user assigned in the initial form input and not the initiator? I can get the manager info back for whom...

  • By kristig
  • March 23, 2017  08:31
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Nintex Form created list item with multiple attach...

I have researched everything I can to figure this out. I have a Nintex form collecting claim data in our SharePoint O365 environment. Once this d...

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Nintex for with tabs/panels and validation rules n...

I have created a Nintex form with four tabs across the top with corresponding panel sections. Each tab/panel is for an approval process with but...

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AND or OR, That is the Question

This is where Nintex Workflow meets Shakespeare. Ok maybe not. But seriously, wow what a release the June 2015 is turning out to be. Are you...

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Nintex workflow for office 365-How to get the task...

Hello Nintex Ninjas! I have been working on an app that contains complex approval process(serial then parallel) with multiple level of approve...

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Loading a Nintex O365 Form

Hi everyone, My client has noticed an undesired effect while loading Nintex form in New or Edit mode. Once you select NEW for example you s...

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Link to edit document from request review task for...

Hi, I have a simple workflow where a user is asked to review a document. I'm using "Request review". When clicking on the name of the documen...

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  • June 01, 2015  06:43
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Error when trying to configure Flexi Task Action

When I try to configure the Flexi Task action, I get a “Something Went Wrong” error. This happens as soon as I double click on the action or sele...

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