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Copy or Create Item in a Variable List Name

I have one large list called "Projects" that has a Status column. When an item's status is changed to "Resolved", the list workflow should wait 2 wee...

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Is it possible to attach a workflow to a list temp...

I want to use a site workflow to create a discussion list once a month. I can use the "Create list" option for the site workflow and it allows me...

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How to Query a List By URL

I'm using SharePoint 2010 and Nintex workflow 2010. I have a workflow that I want to re-use each month. Each month i will create a list wi...

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Click Form Button to Submit the Form Data AND Go t...

I have a list that has 2 columns - "Name" & "Location". Those are the two data points i want saved when a user clicks the Save button on the ...

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  • September 28, 2018  10:40
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Add Javascript to Submit Button to Redirect URL

Note: I'm using Nintex 2010 and I cannot upgrade. I have a form with multiple submit buttons in different panels. Depending on the user's select...

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How to get to the repeating section data?

Have a Nintex form set. Fields are connected to the LIST that sits behind the form, and that data gets saved there just fine. That same form has ...

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Disabled multiline textbox has no scroll slider

Hi all, I have a multiline textbox that is disabled for input but needs to be scrollable to show all content. The up and down arrows of the scro...

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Create Work Items in Visual Studio Online with Nin...

Hello again - I posted this question a while back and abandoned it as I was pulled in a different direction Alas, I have returned and wante...

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Can I create an item in Visual Studio Team Service...

Hello. I am helping my team out with SharePoint development and working on a Nintex workflow. We are using: SharePoint 2010 Nintex Visual St...

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  • December 12, 2016  14:45
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The "Nintex Repeating Section Data" Fiel...

A few days ago, I released a custom field type called "Nintex Repeating Section Data" for SharePoint 2013 to simplify how you can display of t...

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