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Is it possible to convert excel to another file ty...

I am using excel service web part to display a single named tab excel workbook (13MB) on a site page that is horridly slow when trying to display...

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Does Nintex have the ability to read a CSV, Excel ...

A customer has recently asked me for an automated procedure to use a weekly file to create a list. At this point I'm thinking the file would be a...

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Nintex Forms Licensing Issue

I get this error, only from one of the two webservers in the sharepoint 2013 farm. " The form could not load due to the Nintex Forms license ...

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Easiest way to calculate business days

What is the easiest way to calculate business days? Is there an inline function that can do this? I have a requirement where I need to set the ...

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Installing Nintex Workflow on a multi-server farm

I nstalling Nintex Workflow on a multi-server farm is exactly the same as installing on a single server. When you install on any Web Front End,...

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  • May 13, 2014  17:05
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