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Is there a way to track and log notifications and ...

One of the challenges I have as a SharePoint solution architect is tracking notifications and reminders that go out of Nintex to various users. I...

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Should I publish all of my workflows as a System A...

Many of our workflows have been published by a few different administrators. While each of these administrators are Site Collection admins, they ...

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Nested Repeating Sections creating Corrupt XML

I have a form with a repeating panel that has a nested repeating panel inside it where users can enter license numbers. There is specific reasoni...

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Archive SharePoint list item with Nintex workflow ...

I wan to archive SharePoint list items based on created date + 1year with nintex workflow history. History is much needed for auditing purpose. L...

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How can I stop a Form from Saving when the Enter k...

Hi everyone, Is there a way I can prevent a Form from saving when a user hits the Enter key to move between fields (instead of using Tab?) ...

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Query the Nintex Database for Workflows based on s...

You can use the following SQL query to find workflows inside the Nintex Content database based on their state. Simply modify the "WHERE" argument...

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  • April 21, 2015  16:28
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