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Call web service 500 internal server Error using g...

Hello, i am trying to run the actions to move attachments from one request form to another and first step in the process was to user call web service...

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How to carry over attachments from one stage to th...

Hello, I am looking for step by step help or reference to a source to address the problem below, i seem to be missing something from the solutions i ...

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Storing approval comments and attachment on the ni...

Hello, i was wondering if anyone can point me to the right direction. I am building state machine workflow with nintex responsive forms and multi sta...

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Creating a new list items from the repeating secti...

Hello, absolute novice in SharePoint here. I am using nintex workflow for sharepoint so all the examples that i saw with posted with nwp files don't ...

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Improve Task Forms with List Item Attachments

List item attachments are not available from a task form – even one customized with Nintex Forms. Providing all pertinent information (including ...

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