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List workflow suspends with "looking up a val...

I have a process where general users create a new item in a drop-off list using Nintex Forms for O365. When the form is saved and the list item is c...

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Reusable Workflow Template in List not starting ba...

I have a Reusable Workflow Template with a Modified conditional start setting defined and it is assigned to a document library (through library Workf...

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How to trigger javascript function when Managed Me...

I have a Managed Metadata (MM) form field and a single line text form field (TXT) on a Nintex form (using version Goal: When the ...

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October 2015 Update of Nintex Workflow and Forms -...

Is the October 2015 update of Nintex Workflow and Forms compatible with the October 2015 SharePoint CU release from Microsoft? I want to make ...

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Calculated value lookup and userProfileLookup on r...

I'd like to get an email address of a person returned from a sharepoint lookup in a calculated value. The column in the sharepoint list is a person, ...

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Cascading Dropdowns not working.

Hello everybody, recently I got the requirement to add filtering to certain dropdowns based on another dropdowns value. Since both of the dro...

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How to copy a Managed Metadata value to a single l...

Using on-prem SP & Nintex 2016. I need to copy the value in a managed, metadata field called Route. The javascript client ID is vRouteMMD. ...

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Copy attachments from one list to another list

I have two lists. List A and List B. When I create an item with and attached file in list A, the file attachment will copy to list B. If I ad...

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  • November 09, 2016  07:32
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FORMATTING AN HTML EMAIL WITH LIST ITEMS USING NINTEX “CALL WEB SERVICE” There are a few to many different ways to accomplish this, and I ...

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