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How to write a formula to see if a checkbox is unc...

I am trying to assign a formula to a textbox so that it populates with the user's name when the checkbox is toggled and clears the box and updates th...

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Linking Control to SharePoint List

I'm trying to connect a control to display the data found in the column of a sharepoint list. At first, the box was displaying Loading... and now it'...

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Why are the checkboxes on my nintex not accepting ...

I have a nintex form with a checkbox. If a user selects the checkbox, it will populate two fields with the user's name and the date the box was ch...

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Overwriting Fields upon toggling the associated ch...

My nintex form is linked to a sharepoint list. When, the check box is toggled for the first time, it populates the associated ts fields with the user...

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