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Making field required based on Yes/No the other ba...

I have a boolean Yes/No hiding a panel with three controls. One of them is a number column with a default of 0. I'm trying to have that column requir...

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Making a field required based on two values one a ...

I have a dropdown with a Yes/No Value. If Yes is chosen a panel gets unhidden where there are two single line of text columns. I need the form not to...

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Hiding a panel if a column is one attribute or ano...

I know this must be a simple problem but I can't find it exactly on this forum or internet. I have a number of panels that are hidden when a choice c...

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Copy multiple columns to different rows on another...

I will try to be as succinct as possible. Basically I have a Nintex form built on one list for Projects. The form has 10 panels with a Resource Colum...

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Query List from On Prem List to SPOnline

Very simply trying to perform a list query from my onprem Nintex workflow to SPonline. Not sure if Nintex needs to be installed on the online instanc...

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Parsing XML Repeating Section Nintex Workflow

Can someone suggest a good FULL tutorial on how to Parse XML and display text result (SharePoint 2016). All links I found are broken, all answers are...

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Unable to convert document to PDF using the "...

Hi, I am trying to use the "Convert document" action in Nintex workflow 2013. My workflow actions are as follows : Configuration s...

  • By nirmala
  • August 16, 2017  20:19
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