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How to get the ids of the Look up field with multi...

Hi, I have a list where I have a look up field with allow multiple values. Now, I would like to get the IDs of this look up field into a coll...

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Copy a Major version of a document

Hi, I would like to wait until a document version is a Major version and then copy it to a different repository. Is this possible? Ple...

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Workflow to help finding the maximum + plus 1

Hi, I have a list with columns title and product ID. Product ID is always an incremental number and should always be plus 1 the previous pro...

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send notification when an item is viewed

Hello, Is it possible to send a notification when an item is viewed? the workflow notification should include: who it is viewed by and when...

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Workflow help

Hi, Is it possible to use Nintex for the attached workflow process? Please give me an approach that I can use...I am trying to use State machi...

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Send grouped notification based on list items

Hi, Often here on the forum someone asks how to send a notification based on a list/library grouping items instead of sending one email for ea...

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Create an appointment element (.ics) with Nintex W...

You will find in this "How-To", all step to create an ICS element for Outlook. Some actions see in this document: Build string, Regular expressi...

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