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Create custom chart in K2 Five

Hi all, I am using SQL custom table and using K2 five version . How can I create custom chart from SQL table in K2 five designer? I found...

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Can K2 Fine Form read a browser console

Can a K2 Form or a data label read a parameter that come from browser console?

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Conditional format for the whole row in a list vie...

Hi everyone, I like to have a conditional format for the whole row rather than just a single filed. What I have now is but I like to have...

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SmartObject Server Exception: K2:NSL\DXZ does not ...

How can I solve this error? I need to update a smartobject created with my old account SmartObject Server Exception: K2:...

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How to change data in the list view

Hi everyone, I'm created a Smart Form with many List view not editable and when an item is clicked on the right it will appear the Edit Item view. ...

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