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How to change data in the list view

Hi everyone, I'm created a Smart Form with many List view not editable and when an item is clicked on the right it will appear the Edit Item view. ...

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Show a view only when it has data to show

Hi everyone, I created a Smart Form with a Main View that when is filtered or someone click an item it will filter all other views. My question is,...

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Maximum request length exceeded

Hi everyone, how can I fix this problem? I was working on a Smart Form with many rules and now I'm not able to add other rule 😞 Thanks...

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count if in the smartform

Hi everyone, I'm trying to have some numbers in my smartform and I need to use a count if function that I didn't found. I'm trying to combinate if...

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Strange width % on View List Column

I created a list view with some columns and I was going to change the % of the width but rather than have like 20% I have 184% and it doesn’t allow m...

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