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Use isNullOrEmpty to hide empty test fields

Hello, I am using Nintex365. Working with flexi tasks, I'm trying to hide text fields when these fields are empty. These fields are only a FY...

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Workflow stuck in check out state

Hello, I am not sure why and how it happened but I can't do anything with my workflow anymore and when trying to save or publish, it's giving me th...

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Flexi task replaced

Hello, I am working on a multi approval WF with 9 different flexi tasks. I've seen several times one flexi task being replaced by another one. I do...

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Form won't display when opening task

Hello, I'm working a multi-approval levels workflow with a total of 9 different forms throughout the process. I'm not sure what I did wrong, but ...

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XML data from repeating section that can be pulled...

Hello! I am new to Nintex workflow and form (3 weeks in) so I am learning everyday something cool to apply. I'm working on a multi level approva...

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Can't save workflow, config XML got stuck in c...

I encountered an issue and I thought I share the solution. Maybe most of you already know. The User tried to publish a new version of a workflo...

  • By rszabo
  • March 31, 2016  05:06
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