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Rework on Nintex Workflowcloud

I want to do a rework on the previous task, but the values on the task forms are readonly, so it makes my rework action impossible as I cant edit th...

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PreFill From an external datasource

I want some of the fields on my form to be populated automatically like we have in Nintex K2 when I populate a particular field. I.e when I populat...

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Trying to show Attachments on task forms

Attachment is not showing on the taskform. I.e approvers can't see the attachments on their form when approving the task.

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Populating a Lookup column that is configured to &...

I want to select multiple values from a lookup column in Nintex Workflow cloud.

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Does Nintex WC have an approval page like K2, wher...

I am currently working on a process on NWC, prior to this moment I have been working on K2. I want to know if the NWC has an Approval page like that ...

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