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How to clear the previous data saved on the list i...

Hi all, Scenario: Requestor fills the form and submits. Approver rejects as the products were not available so requestor can make the changes in ...

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How to store the changes done on the form in anoth...

Hello All, I am new to Share point Nintex forms and Workflows. Can someone help me to solve it. How to store the changes done by the user on the ...

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Simple Javascript concepts in Nintex Form

I will explain the simple JavaScript process in the Nintex form by developing an application that can calculate area and perimeter of Squre wi...

  • By reiva13
  • October 10, 2018  21:27
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Clear/Update a Calculated Field using JavaScript

I have calculated field that parses the value of a list lookup dropdown. I also have a JavaScript function that successfully resets the list l...

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How can I set up the workflow to send a rejected a...

I am new to Nintex and thought this would have to be simple, but all the discussions I have seen are very complex. I have a single approval that ...

  • By davdaj
  • November 22, 2017  07:59
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how to caculate total price automaticatically base...

i want to get total price automatically based on a prodcut model selected in dropdown down list and by entering its quantiity another filed with...

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