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Site workflow slow for specific user account

Hi, I've created a site workflow on Nintex 2010. It gets a few items (~3) with a query action and loops over them with a for each. All workflo...

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Nintex workflow 2010 task forms won't open

When trying to open task forms using 'Edit Task Form' > 'Edit with Nintex Forms' the form designer doesn't open. This issue is affecting all t...

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How to set a person or group field to empty in Nin...

Hi, I cant get this to work properly. I have a person or group field on a list and at the end of the workflow, I want to clear the field. I'm ...

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Nintex workflow 365 emails not sending

I have a workflow (currently using the trial verison of Nintex Workflow) on SharePoint Online which sends an email to the email address property ...

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Can you add attachments from a document library to...

Can you add attachments from a document library to emails sent via Nintex Workflow 365?

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