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Nintex Workflow list of holidays

We've got a Nintex Workflow with a flexitask and automatic approval after 30 days. The approval duration takes the holidays in consideration. My ques...

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Nintex Workflow - Regular expression: extract afte...

In my Nintex Workflow I'm searching for the regular expression to extract the projectnumber after the third equality sign (=) from the string below: ...

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Error "the file has been modified" when ...

I have a simple document library with a simple workflow behind it which starts when a file is created. The workflow update a status column of the...

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forward FlexiTask approval e-mail

We currently have a workflow which generates a FlexiTask. The FlexiTask sends an e-mail to 1 approver. Question: is it possible to f...

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Nintex WF - flexitask choices issue

We have created a Nintex Workflow with a few flexitasks in it. In those flexitasks we've chosen to create a custom InfoPath form to let the end u...

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