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:focus and :hover states on responsive forms

I noticed that when tabbing through a form with a keyboard or using assistive technologies on the SharePoint Online Responsive forms, there is a lack...

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Multiline Text Field Not Saving

I have two multiline text fields on a responsive form in my SharePoint 2013 Team Site. There aren't any rules on either field. I have the form ...

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New Responsive Designer Now Available

We’re excited to announce the release of a new forms designer within the Nintex Process Platform. Now users across Office 365 and Nintex Workf...

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Help: How to fix Accessibility issues in Forms?

"Forms are SO unaccessible!" -- My Accessibility Department There are several accessibility issues he pointed out that I don't know how to cor...

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Multi-Line Text w/ Append Changes to Existing Text...

I have a couple Nintex forms setup that have a multi-line text field, with the Append Changes to Existing Text feature set to 'Yes'. We are usin...

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workflow emails are now sending blank body text

Hi, I have a nintex workflow that has been working succesfully, sending out emails with the correct text on 0365. Now the workflow is completi...

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Multiple pages/sections forms

Hello there, I need to develop a form in 2016 where the form consists of many pages. I'd like the form to lead the users to completion from on...

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