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List View Pulling Records From ORacle Table Is Ver...

Hello. One of the things I have noticed about K2 ever since starting to use it for a year and a half now is when a form has to return a List to displ...

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For Each Performs Poorly

I created a very simple K2 Studio workflow that uses a For Each to pull 1300 records from a SQL Server database table just to insert the columns fro...

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K2 Calendar Scheduling Application

Does the K2 product have an out of the box type solution for calendar scheduling? I have a business need to build a very simple application that allo...

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Capture Error When Using For All Items Added Rule

I have an editable list view using and oracle package/procedure to handle the storage of records being saved. When I click the Save button I have a s...

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How to Format the proxyAddresses Active Directory ...

Hello Everyone. We are using the Dynamic Active Directory Service:

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How toHandle Authorization Token while Creating En...

Hi Guys, I have REST Service which takes Authorization Bearer Token to perform any operation in it. Now i'm trying to create a Service Instance u...

  • By VJay
  • February 05, 2018  07:48
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Make fields "Read Only"

Hi All, In my view/form I have about 100 questions need to be fill in (some field are rich text, others are CheckBox, or Yes/No questions). Is ...

  • By TTN
  • July 14, 2017  14:18
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Mail Event: How to include worklist item URL

I am using a email event followed by an infopath client event in an activity to send a user a task. How can I build up the worklist item url to...

  • By sagrys
  • June 10, 2009  08:02
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Adding a url to a mail event that will display in ...

Both outlook 2007 and outlook web access are very forgiving with the formatting of any urls you include in mail event email text. To get a url to d...

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