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K2: read varbinary field and assign to file contro...

Hi, I have a varbinary(MAX) field in a SQL table; I created a smartobject in K2; but this field is not listed. Please advise a way to read this...

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Apply the changes made to the row on the editable ...

Hi, I have an editable list view with lots of fields (60 fields); some of the fields are data labels (with expressions) which i do not need to u...

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Export to excel from workflow

Hi, How can I export the contents of a smartobject after appying some filter to an excel or csv file and attach this excel file to an email? ...

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Count Specific value in editable list view

Hi, I have an editable list that contains a column with a drop down control of two values ( Qualified and Disqualified). I need to coun...

  • By Malak
  • July 28, 2020  12:37
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Export ot Excel error

When I try to export to excel from the form (the form has one view which shows the status of the workflow) on workspace. I get the following error ...

  • By B_Abdu
  • September 19, 2019  14:12
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Duplicate value in listview row

Does anyone know how to automatically validate duplicate row entry on a list view based on the first column either during each row entry or on form s...

  • By Chadg
  • January 18, 2016  11:57
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Use List View column value to lookup values on ano...

How can you use a value in a List View to look up information stored in another SmartObject? Each row in a List View has a column value that we want...

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